Villa Villekulla - Faucogney-et-la-Mer (FR)

Inscription jusqu'au

The Villa Villekulla - a place for artists. An antique house with space for living, studios, workshops and showrooms, located in the medieval nucleus of the remote village Faucogney-et-la-Mer (FR) amid the „Plateau des mille étangs“. The Villa facilitates slow living and serenity, thus space and inspiration to let artistic processes unfold and concise contemplation take place. A space with fertile ground for discourses, about vita contemplativa and activa, a space for temporary communities, a space for interventions and revitalisation.

The residents of the Villa mainly live in autonomy and by themselves. The facilities are taken care of by the current group of residents and with the according solicitude. Mindfulness and awareness are constant co-beings and from time to time, the pears need to plucked off the tree. However, to assist coordinating projects and spaces as well as to welcome newbies and wave farewell to the departing, beings from the collective will tag along the residents, sometimes.

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