05.08 – 02.12.2023

Dark Matters

Bogana, Alan
Science Gallery Melbourne
Melbourne Connect, at, 114 Grattan St, Parkville VIC 3052, Australie

Can light illuminate the invisible? 

Invisible particles are omnipresent in nature, surrounding us at all times yet going unnoticed. This visual essay illuminates the elusive properties of materials called scintillators, which emit light when exposed to radiation. Witness the totality of millions of small scale scintillation events, creating a vibrant fluorescent effect. Humans have long harnessed the properties of such materials to observe the invisible events occurring in the universe, and they are useful in various ways – in airport scanners, cancer therapy and particle detectors at CERN. This work highlights the unique properties of scintillators and encourages us to think about how curiosity into the invisible helps shape human knowledge.  

Is reality something we need to believe in? 

Alan Bogana is a multidisciplinary artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Using sculpture, computer graphics, electronics, time-based media and holography, his installations explore the real and fictional behaviour of light and its interactions with matter.  


Plus d'infos: https://melbourne.sciencegallery.com/dark-matters-exhibits/ionize-ionize