Résidence EPFL CDH AiR Program - Lausanne

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Initiated by EPFL CDH Direction and amplified by EPFL Pavilions, the EPFL CDH AiR Program reflects the CDH mission of fostering transdisciplinary encounters and collaborations between artists and EPFL’s scientific community.

For its first comprehensive edition, the program is promoting artistic research and experimentation that connects art, humanities, science and technology by supporting up to four artists in residence for three- to four-month residencies at the EPFL.

The EPFL-CDH AiR Program is open to emerging and established Swiss and international artists interested in the area where arts, science, media, and technology intersect. The program allows invited artists to develop interdisciplinary projects and carry out their research in conjunction with scientists and the PhD and masters students at EPFL.

It offers an opportunity to access the cutting-edge engineering, infrastructure, materials, and science developed or made available at EPFL, thus fostering intense experimentation in new forms of expression.

At the end of each residency, the resulting project will be presented in a public exhibition or event held at EPFL Pavilions, Amplifiers for Art Science and Society.

More information : https://www.epfl.ch/schools/cdh/art-culture-society/artist-in-residence-at-cdh/call-2022-enter-the-hyper-scientific/